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Compressor Units
Compressor Units

The reciprocating compressor units with a wide pressure and capacity range are used in CNG stations. The compressor unit is responsible for the compression process of the natural gas.

Gas Drying Unit (at the inlet)
Gas Drying Unit (at the inlet)

The low-pressure gas treatment unit is designed for purification and adsorption dehydration of gas at the inlet to the compressor unit.

Gas Drying Unit (at the outlet)
Gas Drying Unit (at the outlet)

The high-pressure gas treatment (drying) unit is designed to reduce the moisture content of the natural gas passing through it and to remove mechanical impurities.

CNG Storage System
CNG Storage System

CNG storage system is designed to store compressed natural gas, quickly refuel natural gas vehicles and reduce the number of compressor unit starts.

CNG Dispensers
CNG Dispensers

CNG dispensers are designed to fill cylinders of motor vehicle fuel systems, mobile gas refuellers and cassette assemblies with compressed natural gas.

Intake Valves Module
Intake Valves Module

Intake valves module is designed to supply and automatically shut off gas to the compressor unit with discharge to the gas flare. The module can be equipped with a custody transfer meter (optional).

Automatic Control System (Compressor Unit)
Automatic Control System (Compressor Unit)

Automatic control system is used to control the compressor unit according to a pre-set algorithm, to monitor parameters, to protect the compressor unit against emergency operating conditions, and to communicate its status to a superordinate level.

Automatic Control System (CNG Station)
Automatic Control System (CNG Station)

Automatic control system (for CNG station) is an information and control system that controls all the process equipment of the CNG station and its auxiliary mechanisms.

Priority Panel
Priority Panel

Priority panel is designed to control the sequence of filling sections of the gas-charged accumulator unit in a certain order with subsequent gas supply to the CNG dispensers.

Modular Сontainer
Modular Сontainer

The process containerised module is designed to house the process equipment in order to protect it from precipitation and ensure operation at low ambient temperatures.

CNG Station Equipment

Compressed natural gas (CNG) stations are designed for refuelling motor vehicles with compressed natural gas.

Depending on the availability of a gas pipeline and the possibility of connecting to a pipeline, CNG stations are divided into

  • Classic “parent” CNG station.
  • CNG substations.

A classically designed CNG station consists of process equipment units housed in one or more containers. A prerequisite for such a CNG station is the existence of a gas distribution pipeline. The classic CNG station is suitable for refuelling cars, trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, mobile gas refuellers and other types of CNG vehicles. The classic CNG station is fixed-mounted.

In the absence of a gas pipeline, gas is supplied to the CNG substation via a mobile gas refuelling vehicle, which is refuelled at the classic “parent” CNG station.

The advantage of a CNG substation is its mobility. It is capable of supplying CNG not only to on-site transport, but also to remote vehicle depots and other facilities where no gas pipeline is available.

CNG Benefits

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is a compressed form of methane that is used as a vehicle fuel in place of gasoline, diesel fuel and liquefied autogas (LPG).

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is the only motor fuel that can be produced directly on site.

The key benefits of in-house CNG production are

  • Economic feasibility. CNG is 2.5–3 times cheaper than conventional fuel. The main cost of CNG production is the cost of gas and electricity, the price of which is regulated by the government.
  • Eco-friendliness. CNG vehicles comply with Euro 4 and Euro 5 environmental standards. The greenhouse effect caused by CNG combustion products is lower than that of conventional fuels, making it safer for the environment.
  • Safety. CNG is one of the safest Class 4 fuels according to the combustibles sensitivity classification. Methane is twice as light as air, so in the event of a leak it will evaporate quickly and without trace, rather than build up to an explosive concentration like other fuels.
  • Energy security. No dependence on fuel supply and no need to use a gas station. No fuel delivery and storage expenses.
  • Ease of production. The widest range of options to provide almost any volume of fuel and arrange its delivery to remote vehicle locations (if required).
  • Fuel use monitoring. Prevention of fuel misuse.
  • High fuel quality and stability at low and high ambient temperatures.
  • 1.5 times longer maintenance interval, keeping an even oil film on the cylinder walls, no microparticles in the combustion chamber, reduction of combustion engine detonation.
  • The possibility of generating additional revenue by selling the CNG produced to third parties at a commercial price.

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