Membrane hydrogen plants

Membrane gas separation plants are capable of producing gas flow enriched with hydrogen by up to 92–99% (vol.) with the option of its return to flow process. Due to the increase in hydrogen concentration, the flow rate of re-circulating HBG decreases substantially, thus ensuring a considerable saving of process compressors resource.

Grasys hydrogen plants utilizing the membrane separation principle allow concentrating hydrogen in waste, residual, fuel and other gases up to 99.5% with the product flow rate of up to 50,000 nm³/hr.

Up-to-date membrane hydrogen plants are a decent alternative to cryogenic and adsorption systems. In many cases, membrane hydrogen concentration plants find use where the use of equipment based on other technologies is impossible or ineffective from the technical and economic standpoint.

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Membrane hydrogen plantsMembrane hydrogen plantsMembrane hydrogen plants

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