Membrane oxygen plants

Grasys produces high-efficiency system for oxygen production from air on the basis of membrane technology. Membrane oxygen plants allow producing oxygen with the purity of up to 45%; the application of these systems is considered extremely economically expedient. The customer obtains oxygenated air in the required concentration (30 to 45%) without the need for extra-paying for high purity.

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Membrane oxygen plants
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General information

The principle ofmembrane oxygen plant operation issimilar tothe nitrogen membrane system flow process and consists indifference inthe rate ofnitrogen and oxygen penetration through membrane substance. The only difference isthat inthis case oxygen instead ofnitrogen isthe target product delivered under slight excessive pressure.

Oxygen with the purity ofupto45% produced byair separation membrane plants may beused across industries for resolving awide variety oftasks. For example, this purity oxygen may beused intechnological processes ofmetallurgical companies, inmetal cutting and welding. Companies involved infish, shrimps, crabs and mussels farming use membrane oxygen plants for incubation support purposes.

Basic technical characteristics of membrane oxygen plants

Parameter Value
Oxygen parameters at the plant output
  • oxygen purity, %
  • capacity, nm³/hr*
  • pressure, atmg
  • dew point, C
Ambient air temperature
  • during operation, C
  • during storage, C
Warm-up period, max, minutes 10
Membrane modules operation life (10% turndown), thous. hrs up to 180

* The capacity isreferenced tothe standard conditions (t= 20C, P= 1atm).

Permit documentation

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