Fish Farming. Oxygen for Fish Farming

While rearing fish on a farm, a special emphasis is placed on oxygen concentration in water. This is highly relevant for both industrial fish breeding and small farms. Aquaculture deploying recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) is gaining in ever-greater popularity. The recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) is a frame pool where fish are grown in a closed water exchange cycle. Due to high density of fish stock the RAS water needs oxygen enrichment. Furthermore, oxygen is required when transporting live fish in tanks, especially in summer.

Grasys produces air separation plants for companies engaged in fish culture as well as shrimp, crab and mussel farming. Oxygen plants, being environmentally-safe, efficient and highly cost-efficient equipment, provide oxygen production with up to 95% purity. Subject to the objective and desired oxygen purity, Grasysis pleased to offer equipment based on either adsorption or membrane technology of both permanent type and transportable design (in a container).

The most preferable oxygen concentration for fish depends on its species and maturity stage: caviar, larvae, juveniles or commercial fish. Moreover, oxygen concentration details are vital when transporting fish.

According to the recent study, when using oxygen units and plants in incubation workshops to breed fish juveniles, it is achievable to:

  • increase thefish juvenile yield up to 2–2,5 times
  • improve thefish juvenile survival up to 98%
  • enhance thefish juvenile weight gain by 1,5–1,8 times
  • reduce incubation time by 2–2,5 times

The use of Grasys oxygen plants in aquaculture will open your way to the feeding ratio reduction by 1,3–1,5 times and the fish weight gaining by 1,4–1,6 times.

Grasys Oxygen System Advantages for Fish Farming

  • Quick lead-time and commissioning
  • Quick start of oxygen production and cylinders filling where necessary
  • Start and stop within a few minutes
  • Ultra low maintenance cost
  • Oxygen plants are fully automated, and thus no maintenance staff are required to service the equipment
  • User-friendly operation, no special skills and habits are required
  • Improved oxygen generator, advanced adsorbent
  • High-grade security
  • Highly intelligent control system called GRASYS Intelligent Control-8 to check all necessary parameters for oxygen production
  • Oxygen plants are very compact
  • Life between overhauls is 10 years
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