Why Oxygen Is So Important in Coronavirus Disease. Oxygen Concentrators: Medical Oxygen Generation to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic

When coronavirus falls into lower respiratory passages, the case becomes fatal. This is a turning point of all diagnostics as transition from mild condition to severe one may happen in less than no time. The hazard strikes when the coronavirus disease reaches pulmonary arteries. Every seventh patient has difficulty in breathing and suffers from major complications of other vital systems, and 6% of the infected, as a general rule, have critical condition with pneumonia and toxic shock syndrome progressing.

The increased demand for oxygen has been caused by the announced COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in having to generate oxygen on a large scale. Grasys is focused on manufacturing industrial oxygen concentrators AKS, and the end users of this equipment are hospitals, health care centers and other types of medical facilities.

Oxygen concentrators are devices used in medicine to generate oxygen from atmosphere air. They are a competitive alternative to oxygen cylinders and gasifiers that need charging with liquid oxygen. Moreover, oxygen is produced in concentrators twenty-four seven. And that is why in a time of pressing needs, such as those arising in a pandemic, healthcare facilities will neither be short of oxygen, nor will they depend on supplies and thus, will be prevented from experiencing a critical deficiency of oxygen cylinders or liquid oxygen on the market.


Concentrator Operating Philosophy

Concentrators produce oxygen from ambient air based on adsorption technology. This technology is essentially about adsorbent materials ability to selectively absorb nitrogen and impurity gases in the air while allowing oxygen molecules to pass through. This ensures stable operation of oxygen concentrators and excellent performance of the generated gas, which purity reaches 95%, with capability of its increasing up to 99% using after-treatment system.

What is Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen therapy is a medical treatment for chronic respiratory failure aiming at enhancing oxygen concentration in pulmonary alveoli, which results in delivering oxygen-saturated hemoglobin to the body tissues.

The key benefits of oxygen therapy are as follows:

  • Preventing acidosis and other hypoxia consequences;
  • Improving cardiac and respiratory system performance;
  • Reducing collateral damage of taking medications;
  • Exercising influence on normal functioning of the immune system;
  • Producing tuberculocidal, virucidal and fungicidal effects.

Oxygen is used to treat various diseases such as of respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems, blood (anemia), cluster headaches or migraines, digestive and genitourinary systems, with a wide use in oncology, gynecology, connective tissue regeneration and many others.


Oxygen Concentrator AKS Models

There are various types of AKS oxygen concentrators that differ in performance and other technical parameters, and, thus, address different needs. For hospitals, health care centers and other medical facilities oxygen equipment starting with 10 LPM and above is the best suited (depending on the healthcare facility needs).

It is these parameters that start a broad range of R&P Co. Grasys special-purpose concentrators manufactured subject to the hospital needs. The reasons why our equipment is essential for medical institutions are as follows:

  • To produce oxygen in operating units and intensive care wards;
  • To get connected to artificial lung ventilators and anesthesia-respiratory devices designed for general anesthesia;
  • When breathing is weakened in the postoperative period;
  • In intoxication and other purposes where oxygen is needed.

The oxygen equipment we manufacture is certified, mobile, simple and easy-to-use. At the Customer’s request and subject to healthcare facility requirements oxygen concentrator AKS can be manufactured in a container design. When purchasing this system, all you need is to get connected to a power supply and connect oxygen to the line.

Grasys is engaged in implementing turnkey oxygen supply projects, ensuring high-quality design, delivery, a full package of installation and maintenance services.

Medical oxygen concentrator is a device designed to deliver invaluable oxygen to the human body. This process involves replenishing oxygen deficit where a person is unable to obtain it using own resources The operating principle of oxygen concentrator is straightforward and fairly simple. With this kind of equipment oxygen is removed from the environment and exposed to appropriate processes. The equipment is capable of generating oxygen on a continuous basis.

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