Medical Oxygen Units and Stations to Fight Against Coronavirus: Operating Principle and Application

As of today, coronavirus infection is one of the most formidable respiratory system diseases. WHO declared coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic in March 2020. Coronavirus has caused unprecedented global health crisis of our time and the greatest challenge that humankind is facing in the 21st century. Since it emerged in China late last year, coronavirus has spread to all continents except Antarctica. On a daily basis new cases were recorded throughout African, American and European countries. Needless to say that every country affected kept striving to slowdown the virus spread by testing and treating patients, taking restrictive and quarantine measures. Although COVID-19 is applicable to the ARVI group, it has a number of quite distinctive and dangerous symptoms.

The major concern in coronavirus infection is respiratory dysfunction including decrease in oxygen saturation or oxygen concentration in blood. COVID-19 primarily targets at the respiratory system. Sufficient oxygen supply is required to ensure proper functioning of the whole body, and thus key treatment activities are aimed at compensating for respiratory failure using various medical oxygen equipment. Alarming symptoms and warning signs include weakness, fever, shortness of breath, a feeling of choking or tightness in the chest, coughing, etc. All this suggests depression of the respiratory function.

Oxygen in coronavirus, used by doctors in medical facilities, is a vital means to compensate for respiratory failure. Today’s health care centers make use of special masks and other oxygen supply systems, sophisticated artificial lung ventilators (ALV), oxygen equipment especially oxygen concentrators, oxygen stations capable of generating oxygen from the ambient air and providing it to patients with a special supply system. Medical oxygen concentrators are deployed in many medical facilities to treat various diseases of the respiratory system (pneumonia, emphysema, COPD, pulmonary edema including COVID-19).

Grasys Medical Oxygen Stations
Grasys Medical Oxygen Stations
Grasys Medical Oxygen Stations

Equipment including but not limited to medical oxygen stations, oxygen generators and concentrators, related devices to provide health care centers twenty-four seven medical institutions 24/7 manufactured by Research and Production Company Grasys is in great demand on today's market. It has proven itself as a reliable equipment that generates oxygen of the desired purity, easy to operate, mobile and fault-free. R&P Co. Grasys oxygen units are manufactured in strict compliance with medical safety standards, certified in line with State standards and standards of Ministry of Health of the Russian federation. It should be noted that Grasys oxygen equipment is a completely Russian development.

When dealing with COVID-19 respiratory complications including pneumonia, it is essential to avoid self-treatment, and it should be noted that R&P Co. Grasys oxygen equipment is attended exclusively by medical staff in hospital settings - in hospitals, health care centers or other medical institutions.

In medical facilities it is used to:

  • be integrated into hospital centralized oxygen distribution system;
  • locally generate oxygen, for example, in operating units and intensive care and resuscitation complexes, incl. in the provision of apparatus for anesthesia and ventilation
  • fill (refuel) special containers (cylinders) to create the required oxygen reserve

What are distinguished features of R&P Co. Grasys oxygen equipment? Total autonomy, assembly quality, no need to install additional engineering structures, easy device control and full user adaptation, and there is always potential for project implementation in line with customized specifications. Grasys is available to provide oxygen equipment maintenance anywhere.

R&P Co. Grasys oxygen equipment is the most efficient solution for coronavirus treatment challenges. Product line of oxygen stations, medical oxygen generators and concentrators covers a variety of medical facility needs whereas models differ in performance, design options, production tasks, thus meeting the entire scope of medical demand.

Grasys Medical Oxygen Equipment
Grasys Medical Oxygen Equipment
Grasys Medical Oxygen Equipment

Since medical facility needs for oxygen appear different by virtue of their specialization, R&P Co. Grasys provides design options for oxygen generation unit including oxygen stations:

  • Stationary design (medical oxygen concentrator, concentrator AKS) to be installed inside the hospital building
  • Mobile design (wheeled oxygen concentrator) is featured by small dimensions and movability
  • Mobile design in a special containerized module (medical oxygen station, or mobile oxygen station) for outdoor placement – a solution offering turnkey oxygen supply system, which package includes one or several oxygen concentrators, compressors, receivers and other equipment. This medical oxygen station arranged in a containerized module can be located anywhere convenient, including outside the hospital buildings. No special technical measures are required for installation procedure.

R&P Co. Grasys has established itself as a leading manufacturer of oxygen concentrators, highly efficient oxygen units based on adsorption technology for medical facilities. Advantages worth noting include favorable cost of the produced oxygen, high capacity (ranging from 10 to 900 LPM), prompt reaching operating conditions, and many others.

Coronavirus is spreading most aggressively, and so oxygen may save countless lives. Grasys mobile and high-performance oxygen stations provide for quick equipment mounting and oxygen generation (with up to 95% purity) where applicable.

Summary. In today’s world, where quarantine measures not always work promptly, Grasys medical oxygen stations running in medical facilities will help save lives. Importantly, these high-tech competitive solutions enabling to fight the pandemic most effectively are developed by Russian designers.

WHO and UNICEF in their COVID-19 treatment guidelines encourage recovery strategy for oxygen deprivation using a variety of medical devices for oxygen therapy. Selection of both quantitative determination of oxygen demand and adequate oxygen source to ensure the best available compensation for the COVID-19 patients issues are of special importance. R&P Co. Grasys strategy is to provide oxygen at the right time, in the right place and in the right amount.

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