About us

The Russian research and production company Grasys manufactures units for production and separation of gas media. The company also implements EPCM contracts in the field of gas separation. Grasys offers equipment based on all three existing technologies of gas separation: membrane, adsorption and cryogenic ones.

The company primary activity area is design and manufacture of modern high-technology gas separation systems and systems for pretreatment and recycling of natural and associated gas on the basis of the company unique CarboPEEK membrane. The second type of equipment is air separation systems: first of all, nitrogen and oxygen stationary plants and mobile stations, medical oxygen concentrators, nitrogen firefighting units.

Grasys equipment and projects are represented throughout Russian federal districts, the CIS and many countries on a world-wide basis. Grasys has a well-developed client network. Grasys services are used by the leading companies operating in such industries as: oil and gas-producing, machine-building, food industry, coal, chemical, petrochemical, and other industries.

Grasys has a Training Center the basic mission of which is to train and enhance proficiency of the Customer’s staff engaged in air and gas separation at the Customer’s sites.

Company strategy and mission

Grasys strategy is based on intensive development of the company business in two markets: the market of equipment for production of technical gases and equipment for separation of gas media, and the market of «turn-key» projects (EPC contracts) implementation.

The main company objective is retention of its leadership in the CIS market and expansion of its presence in the global market through development and introduction of new technologies.

Grasys is a major manufacturer in the CIS and one of the largest manufacturers in Europe engaged in fabricating commercial plants to produce industrial gases from air. Grasys equipment and projects are represented throughout Russian federal districts, the CIS and many countries on a world-wide basis.
One of the benefits delivered by cooperation with our company is the superior customer services.
Company Grasys has the developed client network. The largest representatives petro- and gas, machine-building, food, coal, chemical, petrochemical and other branches of industrial production use services Grasys.
To suppliers and strategic partners Grasys offers flexible conditions of the cooperation directed on the mutually advantageous purposes.
ISO 9001:2008 Certificates of Compliance, Permitting Documentation for Grasys Equipment, Design and Construction Licenses
We need self-motivated talents willing to take responsibility and accomplish high results in conjunction with our company.
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