Consent to the processing of personal data

Herewith, subject to the requirements of the Federal Law of 27.07.2006 № 152-ФЗ «On Personal Data» (herewith referred to as the Law), I (the User) give my voluntary consent to JSC «Grasys», ИНН 7743696750, having an information resource at the address (hereinafter referred to as the Operator), for processing of the personal data that I have submitted (family name, name, patronym, date, place of birth, age, gender, address, telephone number, email address, details about my place of employment and job position, number of the main ID document, details on the date of issue of the said document and the issuing authority as well as other information that I have stated).

The consent is given for any actions (operations) of complex of actions (operations), performed with or without the use of automatic means with the personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, compilation, storage, adjustment (updating, amending), retrieval, use, transfer (distribution, presentation, access), anonymising, blocking, deletion and destruction of the personal data as provided by Cl. 3, Cl. 9, Cl. 15 of the Law, for the purposes of providing the Tools and rendering Services (performance of agreements and contracts with the User), identification of the User as the Party within the frames of agreements and contracts, providing the User with customized Tools, communications with the user, including sending notices, inquiries and information regarding use of the Tools, rendering services as well as processing of inquiries and requests from the User, enhancement of the Tools, their userfriendliness, development of new Tools and services, targeting of advertising materials, statistical and other studies based on anonymised data and for other purposes stipulated by the types of activities in the Operator’s Articles of Association.

I agree that the Operator on its own responsibility may assign processing of the personal data to any third party on its discretion subject to observance of Cl. 6 of the Law, including observance of confidentiality and protection of my personal data. The said operators of personal data may transfer my personal data to the third party and receive personal data from the third party since the date of signing of this consent.

The Consent for processing of my personal data and other above mentioned actions is given with no limitation of the term of its validity. I am informed that subject to para. 5 Cl. 21 of the Law I may withdraw this consent by making an appropriate application in writing which I may send to the Operator’s email address, by registered mail with return receipt or personally against a signed receipt to a representative of the Operator, but not later than 1 (one) month prior to the effective date of the respective letter of withdrawal, at that the Operator may continue processing without permission of the Personal Data subject under the grounds stated in the para. 2−11 Part 1 Clause 6, Part 2 Clause 10 and Part 2 Clause 11 of the Federal Law № 152-ФЗ «On Personal Data» of 26.06.2006.

I also agree that registration on the website of the Operator ( and/or placing a Request for Operator’s Services subject to preliminary review of this text makes, pursuant to para. 1 Cl. 9 of the Law, a sufficient form of consent for processing of my personal data. The said form of consent enables to affirm that my consent was in fact given, at that the Operator shall need neither a written form nor other evidences as additional confirmation of my free expression of will. My consent is specific, informed and wilful.

This is not a public offer