GRASYS celebrates its tenth anniversary!

5 September 2011

This year, our company accomplished as much as 10 years. Traditionally, the corporate event devoted to the company birthday celebration falls on September.

Today, our company staff exceeds 200 people and includes the leading unique specialists having a long-term industry-specific experience, those who made our today’s success come true.

We have struck a balance of our ten-year activity starting from the outset, when GRASYS commenced production of the first Russian nitrogen stations, through to the company establishment as one of the Eastern Europe and CIS major developers and producers of industrial air and gas separation plants based on non-cryogenic separation methods.

During the ten years of its operation, GRASYS has implemented more than 512 projects in the field of air and gas separation.

Over the past 5 years, GRASYS specialists have developed a breakthrough and in many ways unique technology of hydrocarbon gases separation based on its in-house hollow-fiber CarboPEEK membrane. The outcome of these efforts has become the introduction of brand-new commercially operating plants and the development of the basic technological solutions in the field of associated petroleum gas (APG) membrane-based treatment.

GRASYS equipment is being successfully operated in the largest oil and gas fields of Russia and CIS and in many cases proves unique among other non-cryogenic air separation facilities in terms of the gas production volume:

  • Nord Stream gas pipeline with a length of 1224 km;
  • Vankor field;
  • Gazprom country-wide gas transmission network (Nizhneturinskaya CS, Medvezhye oil, gas and condensate field, Yamburgskaya CS, Volkhovskaya CS, Sheksninskaya CS, Proskovo CS, Nyuksenitsa CS, Lyalinskaya CS — more than 60 sites);
  • South Kholcheyu field;
  • Offshore platform in the Korchaginskoe oil and gas field in North Caspian;
  • Prirazlomnaya oil production platform offshore the Pechora Sea;
  • Fakhirovskoe field;
  • Akpatlauk field;
  • Tarasovskoe field and many others.
GRASYS celebrates its tenth anniversary!
GRASYS celebrates its tenth anniversary!
GRASYS celebrates its tenth anniversary!
GRASYS celebrates its tenth anniversary!
GRASYS celebrates its tenth anniversary!

News date:  05.09.2011

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