GRASYS has supplied a membrane nitrogen plant for Sportstroyinvest LLC

27 October 2011

As part of a recent contract GRASYS CJSC has supplied a membrane nitrogen plant for Sportstroyinvest LLC. The nitrogen plant is used for generation of oxygen depleted environment — up to 14% — in special premises designed for art and period pieces storage.

The capacity of the plant supplied is 50 cubic meters of 90% nitrogen per hour.

The plant major equipment includes: gas separation unit, air treatment system and automated control system. GRASYS membrane plant is the most economically efficient and reliable solution for fitting out period pieces storage facilities and other specialized premises with a reduced oxygen content.

The scientific and manufacturing company GRASYS relies on more than ten years of unique experience of membrane plants production tailor-made on the basis of customer design basis. Due to testing and computer aided simulation of GRASYS highly efficient membrane modules based on last-generation nano-membranes, the plants easily achieve and steadily maintain the warranted performance parameters.

The configuration of GRASYS plants including packaged compressors of the leading European and US producers pre-assembled and shop-tested under a special program guarantees reliable long-term operation of the compressors and the plants as a whole.

Due to the use of the most recent developments, GRASYS nitrogen plants demonstrate exceptional reliability, whereby the membrane units operational life reaches 180,000 hours of continuous operation.

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