GRASYS Mobile Nitrogen Stations at Kuzbass Coal Deposits

22 November 2011

As part of a recent contract, GRASYS has supplied to Azot Service LLC a mobile nitrogen station rated for production of 1,000 cubic meters of 97% nitrogen per hour. Over the period of cooperation, GRASYS has supplied a total of 4 nitrogen stations with the combined capacity of 3,700 cubic meters of 97% nitrogen per hour.

The nitrogen produced is used for fire fighting, including endogenous fires in Kuzbass.

During the period of performance testing of GRASYS nitrogen stations, the customer noted stable performance of the stations without any operational failures.

GRASYS mobile nitrogen stations are the most reliable and accredited equipment among the current market proposal building on the unique expertise in equipment development and continuous quality improvement and process streamlining.

GRASYS Mobile Nitrogen Stations  at Kuzbass Coal Deposits

GRASYS mobile nitrogen station supplied for Azot Service LLC, inside view

The stations combine small footprint, reliability and simplicity of operation. The adoption of the state-of-the-art intelligent control system GRASYS Intelligent Control-7 utilized under the GRASYS brand only ensures highly efficient automatic, manual and remote control and monitoring of the process parameters relevant to the customer with the archiving option. The use of the automatic startup system for the gas separation plant allows improving reliability of gas separation unit operation.

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