GRASYS received the electrical laboratory registration certificate

27 February 2012

The certificate of registration of the electrical measuring laboratory with the portable set of CJSC GRASYS instruments is issued by Rostekhnadzor. On the basis of this certificate, the specialists of GRASYS mobile electrical laboratory can take all necessary electrical measurements and carry out diagnostics and testing of electrical equipment and electrical installations up to 10kW.

The list of works performed by the specialists of our electrical measuring laboratory:

  • Verification of assembled electrical installations compliance with the regulatory technical documentation (visual inspection)
  • Measurement of grounding devices resistance
  • Measurement of soil resistivity
  • Checking loops between grounding devices and grounded elements, grounded installations and elements thereof
  • Measurement of insulation resistance on electrical apparatuses and electrical wiring with a voltage of up to 10kW
  • Checking «phase — zero» loops in electrical installations up to 1kW with the TN system
  • Checking protection systems with neutrally earthed power supply system
  • Checking circuit breakers of automatic switches
  • Measurement of direct current resistance of power transformer windings and oil breakers
  • Mains-frequency overvoltage testing of electrical equipment up to 10kW
  • Testing of power cable lines with a voltage of up to 10kW
  • Testing and measuring of potential transformer and current transformer parameters
  • Checking relay protection devices, automatic and telemetry devices
  • Testing (checking) of protective cutout devices

Click here to see the electrical laboratory registration certificate.

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