GRASYS has supplied a nitrogen station to the Samburgskoe oil, gas and condensate field

16 March 2012

15 March 2012 GRASYS has supplied a nitrogen station for Severenergia LLC. The nitrogen produced by the GRASYS air separation system is used for testing and repairs of the process equipment at the Samburgskoe oil, gas and condensate field GTU. The nitrogen station is installed in two block-boxes with a length of 12m and 6m. Station delivery was followed by installation supervision and pre-commissioning.

Severenergia LLC is the joint venture of Gazprom OJSC (51% share) and Artic Russia B.v. According to the joint operation plans of Gazprom OJSC and eni S.p. A., the production operations in the Samburgskoe field are scheduled for 2011, and the wells are expected to reach the design production capacity in 2013.

The nitrogen system supplied is designed for nitrogen production on the basis of up-to-date membrane air separation technology. The main assemblies of the GRASYS nitrogen station are: compressor unit, booster compressor, air treatment unit, gas separation unit, monitoring and control system. The capacity of the nitrogen station is 500 cubic meters of 99% nitrogen per hour. The station allows producing nitrogen at 10bar and 35bar. The booster compressor is installed in a separate block-box.

GRASYS has supplied a nitrogen station to the Samburgskoe oil, gas and condensate field

GRASYS nitrogen stations are the most advanced and reliable systems for nitrogen production among the existing market alternatives. Due to the use of state-of-the-art design developments, the nitrogen stations combine moderate footprint with enhanced capacity, reliability, as well as ease of maintenance and operation. The station operating temperature range is −50 to + 45 °C.

GRASYS nitrogen stations using the latest developments deliver an array of advantages:

  • Full automation due to the use of the intelligent monitoring and control system GRASYS Intelligent Control-7;
  • Flexible regulation of the produced nitrogen purity;
  • High reliability and extended membrane unit service life reaching 180,000 hours;
  • Use of the highly reliable compressor equipment of the world leading producers.

The up-to-date intelligent monitoring and control system GRASYS Intelligent Control-7 used exclusively in GRASYS branded equipment ensures efficient automatic, manual and remote control and monitoring of the process parameter with the archiving option. The use of the automatic gas separation plant startup system allows improving gas separation unit operational reliability. The control system GRASYS Intelligent Control-7 operates in various industrial networks, including Internet.

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