The nitrogen generator is supplied to Tchibo

10 April 2012

GRASYS CJSC has supplied a nitrogen generator NITROPOWER in the Standart configuration to Tchibo GmbH, the world largest coffee producer.

The nitrogen produced by the new generator NITROPOWER is used for generation of inert environment during coffee packing. The capacity of the NITROPOWER generator supplied is 5.9 cubic meters of 99.99% nitrogen per hour.

Генератор азота NITROPOWER в комплектации standart

The nitrogen generator NITROPOWER in the Standart configuration

The Standart configuration was specially developed and includes the optimal package of necessary equipment offered for the optimal price.

The Standart generator package includes:

Nitrogen generator with the Standart control system, including the inbuilt gas analyzer board.
Nitrogen receiver
Air filters

The Standart control system with the inbuilt gas analyzer board allows controlling the following parameters:

  • product gas pressure
  • adsorber pressure
  • total running hours
  • residual oxygen concentration in product gas

To satisfy the demand for relatively small, efficient and inexpensive generators, GRASYS offers the Canadian commercially produced adsorption nitrogen generator NITROPOWER based on the profound analysis of the domestic and foreign market of low-capacity nitrogen generators.

The nitrogen generators are produced in three versions: Basic, Standart and Premium distinguished by the configuration and package of additional options. This enables the Customer to pay only for what is needed and enjoy the excellent quality.

Generators NITROPOWER are the market leaders in terms of the price and quality ratio!

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