The Nitropower nitrogen generator is operated at the AZNAR plant in Azerbaijan

17 April 2012

GRASYS CJSC has supplied a nitrogen generator NITROPOWER in the Standart configuration to AZNAR plant in Geokchai, Azerbaijan.

The nitrogen produced by the new generator NITROPOWER is used for juices bottling. The capacity of the NITROPOWER generator supplied is 22 cubic meters of 99.5% product gas per hour.

The nitrogen generator NITROPOWER in the Standart configuration

The nitrogen generator NITROPOWER in the Standart configuration

The Standart configuration was specially developed and includes the optimal package of necessary equipment offered for the optimal price.

The Standart control system with the inbuilt gas analyzer board allows controlling the following parameters:

  • product gas pressure
  • adsorber pressure
  • total running hours
  • residual oxygen concentration in product gas

The low-capacity adsorption nitrogen generators are widely used for solution of the following tasks:

  • food products packaging in inert environment, including: nuts, dried fruit, cheeses etc.
  • shelf life extension for vegetables and fruit
  • wine and juice bottling
  • metal laser cutting
  • welding
  • semiconductor production
  • generation of inert environment in microelectronics
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