GRASYS – for mathematics popularization! 

7 June 2012

GRASYS — for mathematics popularization

The scientific and production company GRASYS, aware of the significance of scientific knowledge for the development of Russia supports the most interesting projects in the field of education. One of them is the web based project for mathematics popularization and promulgation launched by the «Mathematic Essays» Fund. The project was started up in 2002 by the Mathematic Institute n.a. v. A. Steklov of RAS with the main purpose of captivating observers by the mathematic science, by showing its inner beauty and importance for world cognition. Another task is to provide the public with a more comprehensive idea of the academic science achievements, in particular, in the field of mathematics.

GRASYS supports the «Mathematic Essays» Fund recognized for making complex scientific concepts and tasks easy to understand for a child and still interesting for an adult!

«Mathematic Essays» is a popular science mathematical website. Its main contents are formed by short films describing the solved and unsolved mathematical tasks made with the use of the three-dimensional computer graphics. The films are not only about mathematical ideas, but also about hardware applications, history of issues discussed, scientists and engineers who took part in their solution. For example, as the project «Mechansisms of P. L. Chebyshev» includes computer-aided simulation of all plain hinged mechanisms and derivative devices invented by the great Russian mathematician.

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