The nitrogen generator of RPC Grasys is supplied to special equipment producer

6 November 2012

The nitrogen generator Nitropower of RPC Grasys in the premium configuration with the capacity of 17 nm³/h of 99.95% nitrogen is operated at the special equipment producing plant in Miass. The nitrogen produced is used in the technological process of metal laser cutting.

The nitrogen generator NITROPOWER in the Premium configuration

The nitrogen generator NITROPOWER in the Premium configuration

The NITROPOWER nitrogen generator uses the PSA — Pressure Swing Adsorption — principle. The generator is comprised by a set of steel adsorbers filled with special adsorbent — carbon molecular sieve. This specially prepared material has pores of the size selectively adsorbing oxygen and allowing nitrogen enrichment of the air passing through the adsorber.

The supplied premium version includes:

Nitrogen generator with premium control system
2 Nitrogen receivers
Air filters

The premium control system has the built-in graphic Touch-Screen display, the gas analyzer with extended measurement range and digital indication and the flow meter.

Additional options provided as part of the contract:

  • air receiver;
  • receiver connection set;
  • dryer;
  • air compressor;
  • booster compressor;
  • generator connection set to compressed air source.

The low-capacity adsorption nitrogen generators NITROPOWER are widely used for the performance of various tasks:

  • packing of food products in inert environment: nuts, dry fruit, cheese etc.;
  • extension of garden produce shelf life;
  • bottling of wine, juice;
  • metal laser cutting;
  • welding, brazing;
  • production of semi-conductors;
  • generation of inert environment in microelectronics.

The NITROPOWER nitrogen generators are produced in three options – basic, standart and premium, which correspond to various configurations and set of options. This enables the Customer to pay only for what is needed without sacrificing high quality.

This is not a public offer