The Nitropower generator is operated by a large foreign coffee producer

23 January 2013

RPC Grasys supplied the nitrogen generator NITROPOWER in the STANDART configuration to one of the leading foreign companies specialized at high-quality coffee production. The company is a member of a large European concern and is dynamically exploring in the Russian market. The capacity of the supplied NITROPOWER generator is 8 cubic meters per hour with the product nitrogen purity of 99.95%.

At the customer request, the nitrogen generator is completed with an additional high-purity gas analyzer and installed in a standard 6-meter container. The nitrogen produced is used for coffee packing and storing.

The STANDART control system with the high-purity gas analyzer enables monitoring of the following parameters: product gas pressure, adsorber pressure, total running hours, residual oxygen concentration in product gas.

The low-capacity adsorption nitrogen generators NITROPOWER are widely used for the following applications:

  • packing of food products in inert environment: nuts, dried fruit, cheese, butter etc.;
  • extension of garden produce shelf life;
  • bottling of wine, juice;
  • laser metal cutting;
  • welding;
  • semi-conductor production;
  • generation of inert environment in microelectronics.
Containerized NITROPOWER nitrogen generator Containerized NITROPOWER nitrogen generator

Containerized NITROPOWER nitrogen generator

To meet the need for low-scale high-quality and affordable nitrogen generators Grasys, based on a thorough analysis of the domestic and foreign low-capacity nitrogen generators, opted for manufacture of the commercial adsorption generators NITROPOWER offered in the BASIC, STANDART and PREMIUM configurations.

At Customer option, the nitrogen generator may be additionally equipped or containerized.  

Additional options:

  • Air receiver
  • High-purity gas analyzer
  • Air compressor
  • Dryer
  • SS Receiver
  • Booster compressor
  • Receiver connection kit
  • Generator connection kit (compressed air supply)
  • Comprehensive warranty and post-warranty maintenance

NITROPOWER generators are the market leaders in terms of price and quality ratio!

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