Grasys gas separation membrane nitrogen station is delivered for commissioning to major state producer in Khabarovsk Territory

4 February 2013

The research and production company Grasys supplied the gas separation membrane station to the federal state enterprise Gorki Mill of the Federal State Reserves Agency Directorate for the Far-East Federal District. The project envisaged construction of the new station for nitrogen production to support the company process operations. Namely: for use at the railway loading rack. The nitrogen produced will be used in the process of railway tank cars degassing to significantly improve its efficiency.

Grasys gas separation membrane nitrogen station

Grasys gas separation membrane nitrogen station

The capacity of the nitrogen station supplied is 400 cubic meters of 95% nitrogen. The station is equipped with two receivers and allows producing nitrogen at 16 bar. The equipment is deigned for operation under harsh climatic conditions (-50 to +45 °С) and includes the ventilation and section heating system. The nitrogen system builds on the advantages of the modern-day membrane air separation technology. The gas separation membrane station was designed and manufactured in a short time and delivered to Customer without delay.

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