Research and Production Company (RPC) Grasys expands its production base

12 February 2013

In view of a significant growth in the projects for manufacture of air separation equipment and the resulting expansion in its manufacturing assets, RPC Grasys commissioned a new in-house production site. The decision on launching a new production site and a scientific laboratory is part of the strategic development plan of the Research and Production Company Grasys.

The production site is located in Stupino, Moscow region, and includes the manufacturing shop, warehouse facilities, service area, office space and scientific testing laboratory. The site is staffed with highly proficient employees carrying out operations management, equipment fabrication, quality control and acceptance on the basis of the modern-day industrial project management methods.

The level of the RPC Grasys production system meets the requirements of independent auditing companies involved in technical audit and expediting (tracing the equipment manufacture schedule and scope and assessment of risks associated with manufacturing orders) for our customer. RPC Grasys has a track record of successful projects performance in compliance with the requirements of independent auditors covering the following areas:

  • Coordination, approval and submission of technical documentation
  • Purchase of materials and components
  • Manufacture
  • Fabrication
  • Inspection and testing
  • Marking, packing
  • Delivery

The new production site will accommodate production of associated petroleum and natural gas treatment plants, mobile nitrogen stations, membrane nitrogen plants, self-propelled nitrogen compressor stations, packaged compressor stations, mobile oxygen plants and stations, adsorption plants and stations, licensed fabrication of Nitropower nitrogen generators. The site has already delivered more than 20 equipment units accepted by RPC Grasys customers.

Expansion of the manufacturing assets will allow improving the technological solutions used by RPC Grasys and guarantee the maximum possible quality control at each fabrication stage for a long list of our customers.


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