Grasys nitrogen stations are run in Irkutsk Oil Company fields

18 February 2013

As part of a new contract, RPC Grasys supplied two mobile nitrogen stations for the independent oil company INK. The equipment will be used in the Yaraktinskoe oil, gas and condensate field where INK is implementing the natural gas downhole injection project – the first project based on commercial use of the cycling process in Russia. The mobile nitrogen stations will be used to meet the requirements of the associated petroleum gas collection and transportation process.

The capacity of each nitrogen station for the Yaraktinskoe field is 50 cubic meters of nitrogen per hour with a purity of 99.5%.

In the implementation of the project the Customer put special emphasis on both the equipment quality and observance of the delivery dates due to a complex logistics transport arrangement and field remote location. RPC Grasys completed the supply project in a workmanlike manner and within the agreed period. 

All Grasys membrane modules based on the last-generation nano-membrane, which are used in its mobile nitrogen stations, undergo testing and computer-aided simulation in the company in-house scientific laboratory to ensure stable maintenance of the guaranteed nitrogen performance parameters. The stations serviceability is confirmed by a complex of tests held at the Grasys industrial site.

The equipment was specially designed for operation under the Far-North conditions (operating temperature up to -60 °С) in remote locations. The mobile nitrogen stations are fully automated and equipped with the modern-day automatic-control system GRASYS Intelligent Control-7 eliminating the need for constant personnel attendance. The station utility systems meet the requirements for stand-alone facilities (operating without manned attendance): automatic balanced ventilation, heating and air conditions systems are completed in accordance with SNiP 41-01–2003 etc.; automatic fire-fighting, fire and security alarm, external, internal and emergency lighting systems are completed in accordance with NPB 88–2001, NPB 104–03, VPPB 01-04–98, NPB 110–03, SP 3.13130–2009.

Grasys has an experience of successful cooperation with Irkutsk Oil Company. During 2009 – 2011, it supplied one nitrogen membrane station and two air compressor stations. The equipment was highly appreciated by the Customer. Over the past five years Grasys nitrogen and air compressor stations have been successfully operated at INK production facilities.

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