RPC Grasys membrane nitrogen station will cover TNK-BP Teguss field nitrogen needs

15 March 2013

The research and production company Grasys developed, manufactured and supplied the membrane nitrogen station for TNK-Uvat LLC as part of the project «60MW Gas-Turbine Electric Power Plant for Ust-Teguss Field». TNK-Uvat LLC is a subsidiary of TNK-BP OJSC involved in the development of the Western Siberia fields located in the Tyumen region south.

The membrane nitrogen station is rated for production of 50 cubic meters per hour of 99.5% nitrogen. The station is equipped with the modern automatic control system GRASYS Intelligent Control-7 and fully automated. The station does not require manned attendance during its operation. It is designed and manufactured in strict compliance with the customer rigid requirements to industrial equipment.

Grasys membrane nitrogen station

The nitrogen produced will be used for purging equipment (vessels, sections, pipelines etc.) by startup and shutdown to prevent generation of explosion hazardous mixtures in process systems and plugs formed by hydrates or freezing liquids. The oxygen content after purging shall not exceed 1% (volum.).

The gas separation unit is manufactured on the basis of the last-generation membranes, which significantly improves reliability and longevity of the system and reduces energy consumption per product unit. The membrane units are chemically stable to the feed air and do not require special transportation, storage and operation arrangements even after exposure to low temperatures. 

The RPC Grasys nitrogen stations have a good record of operation on the far north and positive references of the Russian largest oil and gas companies.

Summary of Grasys:

The Russian research and production company (RPC) Grasys is the leading developer, producer and ЕРСМ contractor in the field of air and gas separation in CIS and Eastern Europe.

The RPC Grasys main areas of activity are:

  • Development and production of air separation and gas separation equipment;
  • Natural and associated petroleum gas treatment, associated petroleum gas (APG) disposal;
  • Engineering and  design;
  • Performance of integrated «turn-key» projects (EPC and EPCM contracts) with a focus on air and gas separation, APG disposal and natural gas treatment.

To date, RPC Grasys has implemented more than 700 projects for 350 companies with global reputation. The company is a holder of patents for inventions and utility models in the field of technical gases production with various methods.

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