RPC Grasys completed engineering mobile air-nitrogen compressor station for Britain Engineering Company

27 March 2013

The Russian Research and Production Company Grasys has successfully completed the engineering of a mobile air-nitrogen compressor station for its Great Britain based customer. Since 2012, RPC Grasys has been cooperating with a large Britain engineering company involved in management and support of technical projects all over the world.

Mobile air-nitrogen compressor station

The station will be used as part of the process equipment of the stand-alone commercial oil treatment plant. The mobile air-nitrogen compressor station was designed by the RPC Grasys Engineering Center to meet the international standards ASME and API.

The equipment was manufactured and tested at the RPC Grasys in-house modern industrial site. The results of testing the RPC Grasys equipment validated further cooperation between the companies.

RPC Grasys has a long-term experience of cooperation with foreign companies and has all necessary documentation for carrying out its activities in line with various foreign standards. The documentation is developed and issued in compliance with the globally adopted standards governing EPCM contracts. The quality management system meets the international standards ISO 9001:2008.

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