Grasys mobile oxygen station is used in construction of strategic gas transmission line in country north

16 April 2013

The Research and Production Company Grasys promptly supplied the mobile oxygen station for MRTS OJSC (MezhRegionTruboprovodStroi) involved in a large-scale construction of trunk pipelines as part of the project MG Bovanenkovo - Ukhta System (the station is located in the rotation village Sabetta). The major Russian company MRTS OJSC specializing in construction of subsea facilities of trunk pipelines in the oil and gas producing industry is a long-term partner of RPC Grasys.

Grasys mobile oxygen station

The capacity of the oxygen station supplied is 25 cubic meters of 95% oxygen per hour. The oxygen produced will be used in the construction and installation works for cutting and welding of metal pipes.

The customer undertakes installation of pipeline underwater crossings in various climatic areas under any hydrogeological conditions; so the important part was to find the equipment suitable for operation in harsh climatic environments. The Grasys oxygen station is ideal for use in repair and construction in the far north and at various remote facilities. RPC Grasys has the experience of supplying similar equipment to MRTS OJSC, which was found efficient in adverse climatic conditions (under a temperature of up to -60 °С). The mobile oxygen station is completed with a modern-day sections ventilation and heating system.

Summary of Grasys:

The Russian research and production company (RPC) Grasys is the leading developer, producer and ЕРСМ contractor in the field of air and gas separation in CIS and Eastern Europe.

The RPC Grasys main areas of activity are:

  • Development and production of air separation and gas separation equipment;
  • Natural and associated petroleum gas treatment, associated petroleum gas (APG) disposal;
  • Engineering and design;
  • Performance of integrated «turn-key» projects (EPC and EPCM contracts) with a focus on air and gas separation, APG disposal and natural gas treatment.

To date, RPC Grasys has implemented more than 700 projects for 350 companies with global reputation. The state-of-the-art industrial site allows testing new technological solutions for membrane and adsorption gas separation in combination with the intensive R&D activities exploring various aspects of gas separation and treatment.

RPC Grasys is the holder of patents for inventions and utility models in the field of technical gases production with various methods.

One of the company milestone results in R&D is the creation of a brand-new globally unrivalled membrane technology of hydrocarbon gases separation with the CarboPEEK™ hollow-fiber membrane used in conditioning, treatment and drying of natural and associated gas at production facilities.

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