Grasys commercial membrane plant for associated petroleum gas treatment   achieves 100% APG disposal at oil gathering facility LUKOIL-Kaliningradmorneft

27 May 2013

As part of the Lukoil OJSC APG disposal program, the innovative membrane plant for associated petroleum gas drying and gasoline extraction is successfully operated at the Romanovo oil gathering station.

Until recently, natural gas produced in the Kravtsov oil field was recovered from well fluids and diverted to flare. The commissioning of the membrane plant allowed to condition the associated petroleum gas up to the GOST requirements and supply to the gas distribution system of the Federal Enterprise Kaliningradgazifikatsia for Kaliningrad region consumers.

To achieve 100% APG disposal and reduction in atmospheric green-house gas emissions during its flaring, LUKOIL-Kaliningradmorneft LLC considered various APG conditioning options, including low-temperature condensation (LTC). The main selection criteria were low capital and operating costs, full compliance with the conditioned gas quality requirements and user-friendly design. Based on the tender result, the company decided on the Grasys commercial membrane plant.

Grasys commercial membrane plant

The plant allows simultaneously conditioning the gas up to the STO 089–2010 standards for supply to the gas transmission system and the auxiliary fuel gas requirements according to GOST 5542–87. This gas conditioning process provides for low pressure of feed gas and minimum allowable pressure difference. The equipment does not contain any chemical agents and therefore favorably compares with other technologies in terms of operating costs and environmental compliance.

The brand new membrane technology for natural and associated petroleum gas treatment has become the result of successful implementation of the R&D program by the RPC Grasys Scientific and Technical Department. This technology is globally unrivaled and based on the company successfully commercialized in-house hollow-fiber membrane.

Grasys commercial membrane plant


With a profound experience in manufacture of membrane plants for various applications and in view of the RPC Grasys membrane competitive edge, Grasys has developed a special membrane for separation of hydrocarbon gases rich in heavy hydrocarbons, water and sulfur-containing impurities. The specific features of the new membrane are the hollow-fiber configuration, different membrane permeation sequence by gas components, high chemical stability to nearly all components of hydrocarbon mixtures and high selectivity.
Membrane technology applications:

  • Conditioning of natural and associated petroleum gas for transportation
  • Conditioning of associated petroleum gas up to fuel gas specifications
  • Conditioning of H2S bearing gas up to fuel gas specifications
  • Conditioning of mine gases up to fuel gas specifications
  • Conditioning of CO2 bearing gas up to fuel gas / pipeline specifications
  • APG disposal by downhole injection
  • Recovery and return of valuable monomers (propylene, butadiene, vinyl chloride etc.) from petrochemical production effluents
  • Conditioning of gas for compression
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