Grasys awards its long-term staff specialists

31 May 2013

Within the framework of the motivation program as part of the RPC Grasys staff policy, the company held a special corporate event with distribution of valuable prizes among the employees with a track record in the company of 3 to 10 years.

The company executives, Mikhail Alexandrovich Gulyansky and Sergey Vladimirovich Potekhin expressed their gratitude for the long-term good-faith joint efforts and a weighty contribution to RPC Grasys development. The company team recognized the achievements of their colleagues, whereupon the well deserved award found the winners.

The staff policy of RPC Grasys is aimed at stimulation, support and encouragement of its employees. Motivation and support of the best dedicated professionals with a profound experience, concurrent development of the company and its technologies, accomplishment of high results and creation of breakthrough unique solutions in the field of air and gas separation — all these elements add together to secure Grasys success as a high-technology advanced company.

RPC Grasys is proud of its working team demonstrating high-quality and workmanlike performance of their responsibilities and making a considerable contribution to scientific and industrial development. The company has on staff industry leading specialists — graduates of the nation’s best technical and economic higher-education institutions, candidates and doctors of science. Specialists of RPC Grasys, building on their unique experience and knowledge, develop the advanced solutions and ensure the company sustainable and dynamic development for more than 11 years.

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