The NITROPOWER nitrogen generator of Grasys operates at Reasib LLC location

23 July 2013

Grasys has supplied the NITROPOWER nitrogen generator in the Standart configuration for Reasib LLC. Reasib LLC is involved in production of chemical agents for petroleum and mining industry, as well as research and development activities carried out on the basis of the innovative technological center of the Tomsk State University.

The nitrogen produced by the new NITROPOWER generator will be used in the technological process of chemical agents production for petroleum industry. The generator capacity is 30 cubic meters per hour with product gas purity of 98%.



The Standart control system with the inbuilt gas analyzer board ensures control of the following parameters:

  • Product gas pressure
  • Adsorber pressure
  • Overall running hours
  • Residual oxygen concentration in product gas

To satisfy the demand for relatively small high-quality and inexpensive nitrogen generators Grasys, based on a thorough analysis of the domestic and foreign low-capacity generator market, offers the commercially produced adsorption nitrogen generators NITROPOWER.

This is not a public offer