New career step for Grasys employees

20 September 2013

The Grasys head office hosted the official award ceremony for the company long-term employees. The specialists who worked in the company for 3 to 10 years received the expressions of gratitude and valuable prizes from the management. This corporate celebration is the company good tradition. Each quarter, the employees are awarded who starter their employment with the company during his period.

In his speech, Sergey Vladimirovich Potekhin, the Grasys Director General, said the words of gratitude to the working team: «Over the years of work, we all together created a dynamic science-based enterprise. During the 12 years, our company has become a market leader in the field of air and gas separation. I am thankful for your contribution to the company development!».

The award ceremony was attended by the united team of Grasys consisting of more than 350 persons. For everybody this award is a step forward along the career path and a sign of sable success.
In parallel with expansion of production capabilities and increase in the number of projects implemented, the company corporate life goes on. The office space was fitted out with the table tennis zones, a spacious classroom with interactive equipment and a large meal room.

The staff policy of Grasys is socially focused and aimed at forming an environment suitable for both work and recreation. And motivation encouragement and support of specialists with a long-term track record is an important part of human resources management.

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