Grasys confirms welding quality

27 August 2013

The research and production company Grasys has successfully passed the re-certification held by the National Control and Welding Agency (NCWA). NCWA is the all-Russia centralized system of welding certification. As part of the procedure, the welding specialists, equipment and materials were certified, and new certificates obtained valid for the next three years.

The NCWA commission membership always includes representatives of Rostekhnadzor to guarantee correct expert evaluation in compliance with the Russian industrial safety rules.

азотная станция

One of the main criteria to assess the level of quality of the installation and construction works is proficiency of welding specialists, as well as quality of materials and technical devices. The certification procedure is an indispensible of Grasys operations, and a guarantee of an invariably high level of welding works and personnel competence. The company sets rigid requirements to quality of materials and components. All this allows achieving the highest welding level meeting the national standards.

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