Gas separation equipment testing to be held on Grasys new test benches

1 October 2013

The two new test benches were successfully brought into operation at the RPC Grasys industrial site. The test benches for pressure swing adsorption (PSA) were designed especially for testing Grasys nitrogen and oxygen generators. The new benches were developed and manufactured by the company staff for streamlining the production process and use in the Grasys Training Center

The first PSA test bench is intended for measuring parameters of low-capacity facilities. The design of the second bench allows testing heavy-duty equipment: high-technology gas separation systems, primarily, nitrogen and oxygen generators, as well as stationary plants, mobile stations, and nitrogen fire-fighting units. The benches are completed with up-to-date measuring and diagnostic instrumentation.

Checkout testing at production facilities is a strategic solution for RPC Grasys allowing for comprehensive assessment of complex technological systems immediately in the production process. This in turn will help improve process efficiency and reduce the time and cost of generators manufacture. Further, this will contribute to extension of the practical experience of equipment handling.

The use of in-house test benches will provide new opportunities for the company Training Center and improve the educational program. This will include practical workshops held both on the equipment and the test benches to demonstrate to the trainees the equipment specific features and provide the equipment testing and adjustment skills.

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