Competitive Engineering

14 October 2013

The Engineering Center of the Procurement and Logistics Department in conjunction with the Management and Information Technologies Department have launched the authorized control system implementing the concurrent engineering concept.

«The new software package ensures integrated development of our products with synchronous shaping of the supply chain and configuration of the production processes to cover all conditions and factors of improving product lifecycle efficiency», comments Igor Panin, the Grasys Deputy Director General for Management and Information Technologies.

The «concurrent engineering» concept originated in the USA in the late 80-s and was focused on optimization of production and increase of competitive ability through reduction of lead time, quick output of new products and assurance of their high quality. Integration of synchronous product development, management of supply chain and technological preparation of production processes into a common system allows reducing the period of documentation development by 70%, speeding-up the amendment process by 65–90% and launching new product types and modifications almost concurrently with its design engineering.

The concurrent engineering system is used by such foreign companies as the European Space Agency, NASA Integrated Design Center, French Space Agency, and Boeing. These methods and systems have been adopted, to different degrees, by the major Russian mechanical engineering plants, including Sukhoi OKB OJSC (Design Bureau), Tupolev OJSC and others.

The use of modern intelligent engineering technologies supports production of technically complex products within a tight timeline and subject to client requests.
Integration of the modern control systems is a strategically important area of development of the Research and Production Company Grasys. While implementing large-scale industrial projects for its clients, the company continuously introduces the new technological solutions enhancing its competitive advantages and proving its leadership in the field of air and gas separation in CIS and Eastern Europe.

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