Skolkovo Innovative Center is interested in Russian research and production companies

22 October 2013

The research activities and breakthrough technological solutions of RPC Grasys in the field of energy-efficient technologies were recognized by the representatives of the Skolkovo Innovative Center, who paid regard to the high potential of the company forward-thinking initiatives in the energy industry and oil and gas industry.

This is the competence of the cluster of energy-efficient technologies set up as part of the Center with the main goal of supporting successful Russian innovative projects from generation of a concept to its commercial rollout.

As part of this cooperation, RPC Grasys will continue its research and development efforts targeting gas separation technologies, which show considerable promise in the natural and worldwide perspective, according to expert reviews. Among the company R&D targets are a number of advanced fields: plasma-chemical hydrogen removal from hydrocarbon gases, ultraviolet hydrogen removal from natural gas, improvement of PSA and low-temperature separation technologies, new technological solutions for automatic gas filling stations etc.

Skolkovo residents are the advanced Russian and international companies, such as Nokia Corporation, Intel, IBM, AFC System, SAP, EMC, Microsoft, Siemens, Alstom, General Electric, Nokia Siemens Networks, Ericsson, EADS, Renova Orgsintez and many others.

This is not a public offer