Nitrogen advanced treatment plant is commissioned in Tobolsk-Polymer Complex

29 October 2013

The Russia’s largest polypropylene production facility Tobolsk-Polymer has brought on stream the adsorption type nitrogen advanced treatment plant made by RPC Grasys.

The complex operations require nitrogen with an oxygen content not exceeding 10 ppm and hydrogen content not exceeding 5 ppm. Grasys technical specialists suggested that nitrogen should be additionally treated with the use of special sorbents. This type of nitrogen purification does not allow its contamination with auxiliary products and by-product.

An important task as part of this project was the requirement for the maximum employment of the Tobolsk-Polymer existing equipment used as a source of oxygen supply to the company facilities. The nitrogen produced with Grasys equipment is used in the continuous process cycle of the propane and polypropylene productions.

The equipment offered by Grasys is the number one choice of the leading national chemical companies, such as Nevinnomyssk Azot OJSC, Uralkhimplast OJSC, Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant OJSC, Orgkhim OJSC and others.

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