Grasys in All-Russia Scientific Conference «Membranes 2013»

25 October 2013

In October, RPC Grasys took part in the All-Russia Scientific Conference «Membranes» annually held by the Russian Academy of Science in conjunction with the Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis (RAS IPS) and the Russian (Mendeleev) Fund of Fundamental Research. The conference is the main forum where the «membrane» scientific community of Russia presents the results of its research and discusses the prospects of membrane technology development.

The company Technical Director E. G. Krasheninnikov who was among the contributors at the conference noted: «At the conference, Grasys was probably the only large commercial company combining the academic level of scientific developments of its R&D Department in the field of membrane technologies with their successful commercialization». In his report «Membrane technologies of RPC Grasys. Status and prospects», he highlights the results of the company scientific research focused on practical resolution of important issues faced by the Russian economy.

Among them is bringing Russia to leadership in the helium market. The innovative solutions proposed by the Grasys scientists are implemented by the company engineering center specialists within the framework of a pilot two-stage plant for helium recovery from natural gas of the Kovykta gas and condensate field. The plant successful trial at the Kovykta site paves the way for the scientific achievements of Grasys to Eastern Siberia fields.

In parallel, RPC Grasys is working on the project «Membrane removal of natural gas and associated petroleum gas components» for a large foreign company. The scientific elaboration of the project has significant international implications since membrane technology opens new gas conditioning prospects for fields with a complex flow composition.

Commenting on RPC Grasys participation in the scientific life of Russia, E. G. Krasheninnikov also states: «The scientists and engineers in Grasys pay thorough attention to training the staff in the field of membrane technologies. For the membrane technology department of Mendeleev Technological University (MUCTR), the company has developed a special industrial membrane plant for practical workshops and R&D activities».

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