Grasys Training Center has prepared gas separation specialists for Yuzhny Kuzbas OJSC

14 November 2013

The instructors of the Grasys Training Center carried out an integrated training course for a group of 34 specialists of Yuzhny Kuzbas OJSC with a specialty in «Membrane Gas Separation». Based on the training results, all participants were issued the specialized training certificates.

The training program consisted of two blocks. As part of the first block, the focus was on the theoretical basis of membrane gas separation, including familiarization with the design and engineering aspects of membrane air separation plants (including stationary, portable, mobile and others). The second block was devoted to practical workshops held immediately on the nitrogen stations manufactured by Grasys and covered all aspects of equipment operation.

The Director General of RPC Grasys Sergey Vladimirovich Potekhin noted: «A considerable emphasis in upgrading specialists in the field of air and gas separation shall be placed on the training closely concerned with industrial plants. Such training workshops may significantly improve efficiency of operation on a company scale».

Grasys Training Center was set up specifically for training and upgrading of air and gas separation specialists. The training center instructors are the industry leading specialists, candidates and doctors of science. The educational programs are developed in consideration of the Customer requests and the level of knowledge of specialists and provide for training courses varying in duration from 72 to 500 hours.

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