New Industrial horizons

8 November 2013

The research and production company Grasys has reached yet another milestone in the implementation of the long-term program of production facilities expansion. The company works in the town Stupino has two new warehouse complexes and a new manufacturing workshop. The program is expected to be completed by 2016.

The decision on the project implementation was made on the meeting of the RPC Grasys Board of Directors. This is associated with the growth in the design activities with regard to the company main areas of development (engineering and production of air separation and gas separation equipment for Customers), as well as the performance of a whole number of large-scale projects in the field of associated petroleum gas conditioning and processing.

«Taking into account the company potential and further prospects in the core business lines, we made the decision to expand our production facilities. This is an important step for company development. Please note that the production of air separation and gas separation equipment is in high demand. This was evident from our sales volume, which increased substantially this year», comments the Director General of RPC Grasys Sergey Vladimirovich Potekhin.

In parallel with the expansion initiative, the Stupino works require an inflow of new personnel. After expansion of the production sites, the product output will increase by 70%. Currently, RPC Grasys supplies its equipment to more than 350 clients worldwide.

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