Grasys again confirms high level of quality management system

26 November 2013

The research and production company Grasys yet again confirmed the efficiency of its quality management system as it received the Gosstandart of Russia certificate of compliance with GOST ISO 9001–2011 (ISO 9001:2008). Based on the result of the expert appraisal, the company quality management system was found consistent with all commission requirements.

The expert review covered all the company key business lines: design, development, manufacture, delivery, maintenance and repair of special and specialized motor vehicles, gas separation and compression plants, as well as management of capital construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation projects.

The GOST ISO 9001–2011 certification system is the first and largest national audit system. The company places a high priority on certification of its products and services as a guarantee of workmanship, quality and safety. The company equipment is manufactured in compliance with the international standards ISO 9001:2008, АSME, CE and supplied together with the documentation prepared in line with the globally adopted standard for EPCM contracts.

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