Winning the battle for qualified human resources

24 January 2014

The research and production company Grasys has launched its new staff development program as part of the overall staff motivation strategy being implemented during the past 5 years.

The HR related efforts are focused in several areas: the social program for support of the employees with a long track record in the company, the motivation program for specialists, the multi-level staff development program.

In 2014, the staff development program will include the following workshops for specialists of various profiles, upgrading courses and professional training.

Apart from questionnaires, electronic interviews and other methods of internal survey, all specialists undergo the annual certification for objective evaluation of the proficiency level of the Grasys staff. This procedure shapes an individual approach to work performed by each employee, stimulates career growth and opens new opportunities for development of professional skills.

The specialists of the Engineering Center, Procurement, Logistics, IT, Finance and Commerce Departments and other company divisions are the primary and most important corporate resource. The strategic policy aimed to support the RPC Grasys human resources enables the company year by year to win the competition for the best professionals, produce high-quality products and remain the leader of the air and gas separation industry.

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