Startup of Grasys new control system

30 January 2014

The Engineering Center of RPC Grasys has developed and implemented the new control system Grasys Intelligent Control-7 Version 3.0 with the extended functionality and advanced intuitive interface.

The newly developed control system, version 3.0,  has the extended functional capabilities for adjustment and maintenance. The process flow may be configured independently, while the system will fully adapt itself in automatic mode. The system has an updated and improved subsystem for archiving and recording operator actions. This allowed extension of the data storage period up to one year. The APCS has the common user-friendly interface to simplify the plant control process and search of necessary parameters in the system.

All changes were aimed to save time and labor by equipment startup and enhance the system adaptability to Customer process solutions.

«Each development of the Grasys Engineering Center is a new impulse for development of the air and gas separation market. We are committed to continuous improvement of our products with the use of the most recent technologies and efficient solutions», said the RPC Grasys Director General Sergey Vladimirovich Potekhin.

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