Professional training strategy for automation specialists

24 February 2014

The employees of the Grasys Engineering Center, specialists of the APCS and C&I departments will take a multi-level upgrading course including training and certification in the official representative office of Rockwell Automation, participation in the SIEMENS workshop «Automation systems and network technologies» and webinar «SIMIT simulation firmware». The training will be a part of the long-term development program for the RPC Grasys staff.

The first stage will take place in the office of Rockwell Automation — the world's flagman in the field of hardware solutions for industrial automation Allen Bradley and software solutions Rockwell Software. In the training course, the specialist will acquire the knowledge and skills in engineering design and production technologies. Along with the ControlLogix based system design principles, the company's engineers will familiarize themselves with the modern architecture of distributed control systems, multi-level organization structure of network data, relay logic language, communication with controllers, design of automatic emergency shutdown systems and many other aspects.

The «Automation systems and network technologies» workshop organized by SIEMENS is the platform for experience exchange by the leading APCS and C&I specialists. The daily SIMIT webinar held simultaneously in Russia and CIS will raise such important issues as process imitation, automatic adjustment, APCS testing and development of simulators based on mathematic models.

The research and production company Grasys implements the staff development program as part of its general professional upgrading program. One of the company main tasks is the setup of the consistent and efficient training system to improve the corporate results. It should be noted that according to Grasys has been considered an «Attractive Employer» for the past 5 years.

This is not a public offer