Adsorption plant put in operation at Dolgoprudnensk Scientific Production Plant

28 February 2014

Grasys has supplied its adsorption nitrogen plant to the Dolgoprudnensk Scientific Production Plant comprised by the Russia's Military-Industrial Complex.

The plant was supplied and started by the Grasys specialist in February 2014. The nitrogen produced by the adsorption plant will be used in one of the plant's workshops for laser-cutting machines.

Laser cutting with nitrogen prevents burning and evaporation of metal, oxidation and other exothermal reactions; this is why billets cut in the inert environment have a high quality and do not require additional processing.

The Dolgoprudnensk Scientific Production Plant (DNPP) is involved in commercial production of complex scientific products, namely military and civil equipment. DNPP, being a strategic Russian enterprise, is a town-forming company and one of the oldest industry participants.

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