Development of business communication skills

21 March 2014

The employees of RPC Grasys have completed the training program for development of business communication skills. The company specialists attended the 8-hour training course organized by the Human Resources Department in conjunction with a large Moscow based educational advisory center.

The training course highlighted the main models and styles of communication, efficient business communication tools and many other topics. The training consisted of a theoretic course and practical sessions on the basis of the reference materials distributed among the attendees. At the workshops, the employees were solving various tasks and simulating communication-related situations subject to the areas of activity of the company divisions or departments.

«In any business, communications play a critical part and impact the work efficiency; that is why we pay greater attention to this aspect", says the RPC Grasys Director General Sergey Vladimirovich Potekhin.

All training programs for the company employees are focused on the acquisition of new knowledge in the specialty areas, improvement of the specialist skills and upgrading of qualification of the company staffers.

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