Grasys to supply nitrogen-air station to Vyngapur Refinery

3 April 2014

In the performance of the project for construction of the Gas Processing Plant at Vyngapur Refinery the research and production company Grasys will supply a nitrogen-air station to LENNIIKHIMMASH LLC.

The Grasys station will provide the Gas Processing Plant with the required nitrogen and air flows. The station’s capacity for production of nitrogen is 680 cubic meters per hour, instrument air — 300 cubic meters per hour. The nitrogen-air station will be equipped with the modern intelligent process automation system Grasys Intelligent Control-7 Version 3.0. The equipment delivery is slated for August, 2014.

The Research and Development Institute of Chemical Machine Engineering (LENNIIKHIMMASH) is in the process of construction of the integrated Gas Processing Plant at Vyngapur Refinery of SiburTumenGaz OJSC as part of the stage-wise implementation of the SIBUR’s program for expansion of its gas processing assets and transport infrastructure in Yamal.

This is not a public offer