Grasys invites you to visit its stand at Metalworking 2015

12 May 2015

Grasys stand — D10, Room 1, Pavilion 7.

Date and place of exhibition: May 26 – 29, 2015 .


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The research and production company Grasys — the leader of the CIS and Western European market specializing in the dxt-align: center;evelopment and manufacturing of industrial equipment for production of gaseous nitrogen — invites you to visit its stand at the Metalworking 2015 exhibition which takes place in CEC Expocenter during May 26 - 29, 2015.

On its stand, Grasys will display a range of proven technical solutions for commercial nitrogen and oxygen supply.

Oxygen cutting is among the most popular existing technologies. This type of metal processing involves metal burning in technical oxygen mixed with a combustion gas in a specific proportion.

Oxygen aided cutting is widely used due to the following characteristic features:

  • simple processing procedure,
  • no special equipment,
  • low cost.

Apart from metal cutting, oxygen is used in surface finishing, including its turning and grooving. Oxygen also helps to successfully solve the tasks of metal boring, jet piercing and oxygen lancing.

Nitrogen is used for protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals during annealing, neutral hardening, cyaniding, hard brazing and powder sintering.

One of the dynamically growing high-tech methods of metal processing is laser cutting. The use of nitrogen as metal cutting environment creates the necessary conditions for the process operation. The nitrogen environment helps avoid oxidizing of metal edges and proves optimal if metal edges are further painted, in particular, with the use of powder paint. Laser cutting is also a more versatile method as compared with oxygen cutting.

Nitrogen cutting provides the following advantages:

  • small cutting width,
  • high precision,
  • sound cutting quality,
  • small thermally affected area.

Nitrogen aided laser metal processing allows manufacturing the most complex parts and making holes of a very small diameter. This is why nitrogen cutting is widely popular among industrial enterprises.

The air and gas separation equipment produced by RPC Grasys allows fully deploying the up-to-date high-precision nitrogen aided metal cutting process. Observing process technology is the key factor in optimizing operations. If you are going to engage in metal cutting RPC Grasys will help you quickly procure the advanced high-capacity equipment for gas separation and gas filling.

Please call us if you are interested in cutting edge innovative solutions!

Have a look at our stand to appreciate the quality and other benefits of the commercial modular nitrogen and oxygen generator which is already successfully used by many companies. Our leading specialists will offer you optional solutions most suitable for your activities and answer all your questions concerning the equipment operation.

Looking forward to see you at our stage!

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