Sausage manufacturing switched to nitrogen aided packaging

7 December 2015

The purchase of a Nitropower nitrogen generator enabled the sausage manufacturing plant (Khanty-Mansi) to package its products in nitrogen based modified gas atmosphere.

Nitrogen packaging of sausage products, such as wieners, frankfurters and short thick sausages, allows significantly extending their shelf-life period and deliver fresh products to remote regions, thus expanding the sales geography. The nitrogen used for packaging also helps prevent drying shrinkage of the products.

The Nitropower generator supplied to the manufacturing plant is designed to produce 7 cubic meters of 99,999% nitrogen per hour.

The use of nitrogen packaging by meat and sausage manufacturing facilities in a modified gaseous atmosphere ensures the following benefits:

  • Manifold extension of the shelf life of products;
  • Reduction in the amount of preservatives, or total exclusion thereof;
  • Minimization of product returns due to expired shelf life;
  • Wide opportunities for expanding the sales geography;
  • Decreased product moisture exchange with the environment.
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