Industrial membrane-based gas separation station to treat the Bashneft's Metelinskoe field gas for transportation

11 November 2015

Grasys is implementing a new project, including design, manufacturing and delivery of a membrane gas separation station for treatment of the natural gas produced in the Metelinskoe field of Bashneft-Dobycha LLC, a subsidiary of Bashneft JSC.

The specialists of Bashneft-Dobycha LLC considered various solutions for natural gas treatment. The key criteria for choosing membrane technology were low capital and operating costs, full compliance with the requirements for natural gas quality, and user friendly operation.

The key tasks of the Grasys membrane gas separation station is the removal of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans from the natural, drying, stripping and treating of gas up to GOST 5542–87 for further supply of the treated gas to consumers in the Duvansky district in the north-east part of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The membrane station does not use chemical agents providing a competitive advantage against other technologies in regard to operating costs and compliance with the environmental regulations.

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