Agro-Sputnik's Nitropower generator to produce nitrogen for packaging sunflower seeds

6 November 2015

Grasys Research and Production Company has manufactured and supplied a nitrogen generator Nitropower for Agro-Sputnik LLC. The nitrogen produced by the generator is used for packaging sunflower seeds. The purity of the product nitrogen is 99.9%.

The use of inert nitrogen to replace oxygen molecules and water vapors in the atmospheric air contained in the product packing prevents oxidizing, preserves the flavor and aromatic properties of products and extends their shelf-life period, thus significantly improving the competitive ability of the products and efficiency of the manufacturing facility.

The use of adsorption nitrogen generators ensures the company's independence from liquefied nitrogen suppliers and affords it an opportunity to monitor on-site nitrogen production, in the necessary amount and at a price lower than the price of bottled nitrogen.

Agro-Sputnik LLC is one of Russia's leading snack producers offering sunflower seeds under the Bogucharskie, Etalon and Relax trademarks.

Generator Nitropower
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