Grasys nitrogen and air station supplied to Total EP Congo

28 October 2015

In accordance with its contractual obligations, Grasys Research and Production Company has supplied a nitrogen and air station designed to produce 80 cubic meters of 97% nitrogen per hour for Total EP Congo. The delivery of the station to the Congo based worksite required air carriage.

Total EP Congo is the operator of the Moho-Bilondo field, with a share of 53.5%, together with Chevron Overseas Congo Ltd. (31.5%) and Société Nationale des Pétroles du Congo (15%). Moho-Bilondo is a group of oilfields situated in the Republic of Congo discovered in 2000 and commissioned in April, 2008. The group includes several fields: Moho-Saut, Moho-Nort, Bilondo and Moho-Marin.

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