The nitrogen plant of Rastmaslo underwent repair and overhaul

6 June 2016

The nitrogen membrane plant supplied by Grasys to Rastmaslo has been steadily providing the company with nitrogen since 2006. The specialists of the Maintenance Services Department of RPC Grasys performed maintenance that included cleaning of the trunk pipeline, replacement of gas separation cartridges and bringing the plant into operation in line with the required performance characteristics.

The product nitrogen with a purity of 99.9% is used to support the oil production process.

The nitrogen plants offered by Grasys utilize the advanced last-generation membrane. The testing and computer aided simulation of Grasys' high-efficiency membrane modules based on the last-generation nanomembranes enables fast achievement and stable maintenance of the guaranteed performance parameters of the plants.

The Maintenance Service of Grasys provides field services across Russia, including hard-to-reach regions of Siberia and the Far East. The company places a top priority on quick response and prompt performance of maintenance works.

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