Urengoi Field based nitrogen station of Achimgaz is upgraded after 10 years in operation to increase its production capacity

4 August 2016

Grasys' specialists have upgraded the nitrogen station which has been in operation at Achimgaz' facility. The upgrading was required to boost the production capacity of the station as requested by the client. As a result, the capacity has increased up to 50 cubic meters of 99.1% nitrogen per hour.

The upgrading of the station, after 10 years of operation, included the replacement of the membrane modules.

Achimgaz is the Russian-German joint venture of Gazprom and Wintershall. The partner companies comprising the joint venture located in Novyi Urengoi produce natural gas and condensate from the hard-to-reach Achimov Suite of the Urengoi Field under the harsh climatic and geological conditions.

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